Tourmaline (Yellow, Pink & Blue) Pendant


A beautiful Yellow, Pink & Blue Tourmaline Crystal Slice Pendant

Approximate dimensions of Yellow, Pink & Blue Tourmaline Slice from the Chyta Region, Malhan Mountains, Russia:

1.7cm x 1.5cm x 0.3cm (0.7in x 0.6in x 0.1in)

2.8cm (1.1in) approx. total height of pendant

12ct Gold Wrap Fill Wire

2g in weight

(Gold Chain not included. Gold Chains may be purchased here)

Chakras – 3rd Solar Plexus
A stone of action. Helps strengthen one’s energy & increases one’s self esteem. It encourages one to listen to one’s intuitions. It enhances personal power & the importance of carrying out the correct use of this power in the physical realm. An excellent stone for helping one to attract more abundance into one’s life.

Chakras – 4th Heart
A powerful calming stone, releasing stress, worries, depression and anxieties. It stimulates feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation. It helps find strength and joy in all one’s learning experiences. A powerful stone for children when hyperactive or have difficulty sleeping.

INDICOLITE (Blue Tourmaline)
Chakras – 5th (Throat), 6th (Third Eye)
Indicolite is a wonderful stone for promoting peace within oneself. It assists one in releasing old patterns, attachments and programming that limit one and restrict one in one’s daily life. It helps one increase one’s current awareness and aid one in recognising imbalance within oneself. Indicolite is a powerful healing stone.