Heulandite (Green) Natural Cluster


SKU: 076689

An exquisite Green Heulandite Natural Cluster from the Maharashtra State, India, mounted on a bespoke stand.

The stand is included in the sale.

Dimensions including the stand: 27.0cm x 23.5cm x 11.4cm (10.6 inches x 9.2 inches x 4.5 inches)

Weight: 1.825kg

The crystal photographed is the crystal you will receive.

Chakras – 6th (Third eye), 7th (Crown)
Heulandite is a high vibrational stone which helps one access one’s akashic records and clear blocks from past lives which maybe holding one back in this life. It encourages one to identify where one is repeating the same cycles and to finally learn the lessons that these situations are teaching one. It helps to clear the mind of negative thoughts, encouraging one to have a more positive outlook and helps enable one to access divine guidance quickly and easily.