Eudialyte with Aegirine and Nepheline Sphere


SKU: 073485

A stunning Eudialyte with Aegirine and Nepheline Sphere from Kola Peninsula, Russia

Diameter approximately: 6.4cm (2.5in)

Weight: 448g

The crystal photographed is the crystal you shall receive.

Eudialyte is a wonderful stone for those that wish to express more love, particularly self-love and acceptance. It helps one follow the path of the hearts truest passion and create the life most meaningful for oneself. Eudialyte helps remind us that we can choose our ‘path’ on life. It can also help one identify one’s gifts and it can help one overcome fear, self-doubt and confusion.

Aegirine holds the ability to clear one's aura. When one has become depressed, hopeless, or unhappy, Aegirine can help shift this negative energy to positive energy. It helps bring confidence and strength.