Garnet (Red), Kyanite (Blue) and Fuschite Sphere

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A spectacular Red Garnet, Blue Kyanite and Fuschite Sphere from the Kola Peninsular, Russia

Diameter: 4.9cm (1.9in)

Weight: 184g

Chakras – 1st (Root)
Red garnet offers strength and security. It helps release worry, panic, fear, anxiety, especially around finances. It also helps one develop trust in the abundance of the Universe and gives one a feeling of calm and being grounded.

Chakras – All, especially 6th (Third Eye), 7th (Crown)
Blue Kyanite has a powerful energy, initiating psychic ability and promoting communication with higher beings. It allows one to recognise one’s gifts and talents and encourages one to listen to one’s heart and be ones true self and not be influenced by others. It brings clarity of mind, dispelling indecision or hesitancy so one can stride forward in life.

Chakras – 4th (Heart)
Fuschite is a stone of inner joy as it helps one re-discover the inner child within oneself. It is a stone to help one see reality for what it really is and to realise that troubling situations and issues are never as serious as they appear. Fuschite is a great stress reliever, assisting one in sleeping and relaxing in all areas of one’s life.