Hematite in Quartz Polished Point


An 'A Grade' Hematite included Quartz Polished Point from Madagascar.

This type of included Quartz is also sometimes known as Harlequin Quartz

The scaly red crystals found in Quartz, such as in this point, are often labelled as Lepidochrosite. There is, however, no analytically confirmed find of Lepidochrosite in this form, within Quartz, and the crystal are in fact normally Hematite crystals.

Dimensions: 8.3cm x 3.3cm x 3.7cm (3.3in x 1.3in x 1.5in)

Weight: 155g

The crystal photographed is the crystal you will receive.

Chakras – 1st (Root), 2nd (Creative/Sexual), 3rd (Solar Plexus)
Hematoid Quartz contains both the amplification properties of Clear Quartz with the strong balance and stability of Hematite. It is an excellent calming stone, enabling one to ground in all situations, releasing worry, panic or hysteria. Hematoid Quartz is a powerful stone in assisting those who suffer from a lack of worth and self esteem. It will help one maintain emotional balance will also help bring optimism, will and courage into one’s life.