Moldavite Pendant


A beautiful Moldavite Polished/Natural Crystal Pendant.

One side of the crystal has been polished, the other has been left in its natural state.

We source our Moldavites with great care. As well as there being fake Moldavite on the market, there are also Moldavites that, in our opinion, have very questionable and dark energies that are to be avoided. We therefore source only from our known network as well as very carefully selecting the pieces with the correct energies. It is such a powerful stone but it has to be right energetically!

Dimensions of Moldavite Polished/Natural Crystal from Chlum, Czech Republic: 5.6cm x 4.1cm x 0.6cm (2.2in x 1.6in x 0.2in)

7.4cm (2.9in) total height of pendant

12ct Gold Fill Wire

17g in weight

(Gold Chain not included. Gold Chains may be purchased here)

The pendant photographed is the pendant you will receive.

Chakras – All, especially 4th (Heart) and 6th (Third Eye)
Moldavite is a tough, no nonsense, high energy stone; not to be messed with. It encourages revitalisation and acceleration of one’s path of personal evolution. Moldavite shows one the limitations one has put on one’s life and development and destroys those limitations. If you are addicted to safety and security then watch out! Moldavite helps you stay strong and grounded, not allowing oneself to be pulled off balance by negative influences.