Opal (Blue Andean) Natural Crystal


SKU: 083449

A natural, rare piece of 'A Grade' quality Blue Andean Opal from the Acari Mine, Caraveli Province, Arequipa Department, Peru

Dimensions : 3.5cm x 3.1cm x 2.3cm (1.4in x 1.2in x 0.9in)

Weight: 22g

The crystal shown is the crystal you will receive.

Blue Opal promotes a calm & centered mind; it is an antidote to restless thoughts. Putting a Blue Opal under ones pillow helps one sleep more peacefully. Blue Opal helps one to improve ones Self-esteem & encourages self-love. It enhances communication skills & helps one voice ones truth which may have in the past been suppressed through lack of confidence, providing one with the freedom & courage to speak more freely.