Plinolith Polished Crystal


A Pinolith Polished Crystal from Sunk/Triben, Austria

Dimensions 6.0cm x 5.7cm x 2.8cm (2.4 inches x 2.3inches x 1.1inches)

Weight: 154g

The crystal photographed is the crystal you will receive.

Chakras – 6th (Third Eye), 7th (Crown)
Pinolith is a form of Magnesite and is named as such due to its resemblance to Pine Kernals. Magnesite is an extremely powerful stone in helping one reach higher state of consciousness. It helps one see the ‘inner truth’ within oneself, assisting one in letting go of feelings and emotions that are not serving one well on one’s path. Magnesite also helps one to dissipate stress and dissolve blockages, assisting in removing emotional resistance to the future when one feels stuck in the past.