Quartz (Golden Rutilated) Bracelet


SKU: 080432

An exceptional and rare 'A Grade' Golden Rutilated Quartz 11mm Bead Bracelet.

11mm smooth, round beads of Golden Rutilated Quartz from Novo Horizonte, Bahia, Brazil.

Also included in the bracelet is one Clear Quartz Bead, a Sterling Silver bead and a 14ct Gold Bead.

37g in weight

Size: 17.8cm / 7 inches (inner circumference)

(size can be adjusted on request, subject to bead availability when increasing size)

Chakras- 1st (Root)
An excellent amplifier, accelerating one's intention, so aiding manifestation. It helps get things moving when feeling stuck. It stimulates intuition to psychic abilities.

Chakras - All
Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of all stones. It gives clarity of mind and helps overcome confusion. It assists in creating a strong connection to one's guides, enabling clear communication.