Quartz (Strawberry) Bracelet


A Strawberry Quartz 8mm Bead Bracelet.

8mm smooth, round beads of Strawberry Quartz from Tanzania.

We invest as much energy and attention into sourcing the beads for our bracelets as we do with the regular crystals. Each string of beads is hand selected so that the beads we use are of the highest quality, both in energy and aesthetics.

The beads are mounted on high strength elastic and also included in the bracelet is one Clear Quartz Bead, a Sterling Silver bead and a 14ct Gold Bead.

The Clear Quartz bead is included to amplify the energy of the other crystal beads.

18g in weight

Size: 15.9cm / 6 1/4 inches (inner circumference)

(size can be adjusted on request, subject to bead availability when increasing size)

Chakras – 4th (Heart)
A rare form of Quartz. Strawberry Quartz is a stone of inner love, giving one the knowledge that one is truly loved and not alone on one’s journey on this planet. It helps enable one to connect with the Universe and so providing knowledge and information as to the reason one has chosen the path one is following in this lifetime. It helps bring a strong emotional strength and a powerful sense of vitality and balance to one’s energy field, whilst enabling one to feel grounded and calm and that all will be ok.