Shungite (Grade 1/Elite)


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A piece of Grade 1 Shungite from Karelia, Russia

Only 1% of all Shungite found is Grade 1. It is a non-crystaline, semi-metallic mineraloid, made up of 98% carbon and is the most powerful and effective of the Shungite Grades. Due to its extreme brittleness, Grade 1 Shungite is extremely difficult to polish and therefore nearly all Shungite of this grade is only available in rough form.

Maximum dimensions approx : 60mm x 41mm x 33mm

Weight: 41g

Chakras: All
Shungite is the ultimate body guard. A powerful protection stone, offering psychic protection as well as protecting one from all forms of negativity. It infuses ones auric field with light, allowing only positive and beneficial energy to reach one. It is also a strong grounding stone, encouraging one to reach one's full potential whilst here on the earth plane, helping one to follow one's true path while staying focused, grounded and centred at all times. It enables one to live life to the very full. It is a powerful stone, neutralising the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, computers, WiFi, etc.