Tiffany Stone Sphere


A beautiful Tiffany Polished Sphere from Thomas Range, Utah, USA

This beautiful Opalised Fluorite is only found in the ~Thomas Range, Utah.  It is formed by various minerals circulating in underground rivers and are formed together as nodules when they penetrate Volcanic tuff layers.  It consists of Fluorite, Agate, Chalcedony, Rhodonite, Quartz and Opal.  It is this variation that makes the material so interesting. forming a wide variety of aesthetic and colourful patterns.  Occasionally the nodules have hollows areas that contain Quartz crystals, Fluorite crystals, Hyalite Opal crystals, amongst other crystal varieties.

Diameter: 77mm / 3.04 inches

Weight: 0.607kg

The crystal photographed is the crystal you will receive.

Chakras - 4th (Heart), 6th (Third Eye)
Tiffany Stone has a powerful yet gentle energy. It helps one develop one’s psychic abilities & connect to one’s spirit guides. It is excellent at helping one sharpen one’s intuition & listen to & trust one’s inner wisdom. It assists one during change, encouraging emotional strength and persistence. It also helps one find & follow one’s chosen path in this lifetime. Tiffany Stone is said to be a powerful stone to assist one in business, helping one to make the right choices and take the correct action to ensure one’s success.