Tourmaline (Pink & Black) Pendant


A beautiful Pink & Black Tourmaline Slice Pendant

Dimensions of Pink & Black Tourmaline Slice from Russia:

2.3cm x 2.0cm x 0.3cm (0.9in x 0.8in x 0.1in)

3.4cm (1.3in) approx. total height of pendant

12ct Gold Wrap Fill Wire

4g in weight

(Gold Chain not included. Gold Chains may be purchased here)

The pendant photographed is the pendant you will receive.

Chakras – 1st (Root)
Ideal stone for psychic protection. It has the ability to change and purify negative energy into positive energy. An excellent stone for eliminating negative thoughts, anxieties, anger and feelings of unworthiness. It brings a strong sense of groundedness.

Chakras – 4th Heart
A powerful calming stone, releasing stress, worries, depression and anxieties. It stimulates feelings of joy, happiness and relaxation. It helps find strength and joy in all one’s learning experiences. A powerful stone for children when hyperactive or have difficulty sleeping.