Turquoise Polished Crystal


SKU: 189660

A beautiful 'A Grade' Turquoise Polished Crystal from Sleeping Beauty Mine, Globe, Arizona, USA

The Sleeping Beauty Mine is currently closed.

This piece of natural-colour Turquoise has been resin-stabilised to preserve the colour and also to harden the Turquoise.  The colour is natural and is not enhanced.

Dimensions: 3.6cm x 2.2cm x 1.1cm (1.4in x 0.9in x 0.4in)

Weight: 7g

A balancing stone which brings a sense of peace. It encourages forgiveness and acceptance of oneself and helps one to release regrets, teaching one that there are no mistakes, only learning experiences. It teaches one to speak and act from the heart, which is where one’s deepest wisdom lies.