We wish everyone a glorious and magical Christmas!

If you haven’t visited the showroom yet in Notting Hill, All Saints Road, please do for the opportunity to witness the world’s most beautiful natural rocks under one roof.

Our selection is full of rare, high-quality stones and jewellery plus we provide an extensive variety of crystals to all our customers. No wholesalers are involved, we personally source everything in the shop!
This image is of just one of the many cabinets in the showroom showcasing the crystals including clusters of Pink Halite on the top, Rose Quartz Points, an Amethyst Sphere, Golden Quartz, Pyrite Cubes in Matrix and Geode Spheres, Natural Citrine with Watermelon Tourmaline, Cavansite with Stilbite, Ocean Jasper, Creedite from Mexico, Sodalite Tumble Stones and many many more.

Once more, a very Merry Christmas and we do hope to see you soon, Venusrox


December 23, 2013 — Matt Forster
Tags: crystals