Launched in 2009, Venusrox is the brain child of Matt and Victoria Forster, specialising in exquisite natural crystals and bespoke jewellery. Venusrox opened its first showroom in Notting Hill in November 2011.

Passionate about crystals, and eager to convey that crystals and crystal based jewellery can be more than just ‘new age’, Matt and Victoria vowed to source only the finest quality natural stones. The same standards were set for their shop. The all white interior of Venusrox provides the perfect backdrop to showcase their rare and stunning collection. Filled with crystals of every shape and size, they are seeing Natural Crystals increasing in popularity, with the larger pieces favoured in use in interiors and fast replacing man made art. The shop makes it clear that these large natural sculptures add so much to the interior of any home or corporate space. The collection will not fail to take your breath away.

Every piece is hand selected by Matt and Victoria during their extensive travels. They look for the unusual as well as the more abundant specimens. However it is the clarity of the energy, first and foremost that they look for in the crystals. Some are aesthetically beautiful, some are less so, but all have been individually selected for their energy clarity and their ability to enhance our lives with the energy they hold. Venusrox maintains a perfect balance between offering the metaphysical information of each stone and allowing their customers to simply enjoy a beautiful piece of nature.

Venusrox is also home to Venusrox jewellery. Created and designed by Victoria herself, all her pieces are handmade from the finest quality natural crystals and gemstone beads, picked exclusively for their beauty and source of abundant energy. Now quickly becoming a must-have in Notting Hill, the Venusrox bracelets with their elegant gemstones and trademark gold, silver and Clear Quartz beads, finished off with the signature red silk tassel and their unique pendants wrapped in gold, look gorgeous layered or simply worn alone. Whatever your choice, they give a unique and stylish look, whilst bringing you the beauty and energy benefits of the crystals themselves.

Each crystal and jewellery piece is individually photographed on this website, so each photograph is of the actual crystal or jewellery piece you receive when you purchase. Venusrox does not publish photographs of example crystals. This is very important to them, as they believe you will be drawn to the crystal, which wants to work with you at this time. Featured on this website is a small selection of the crystals and crystal jewellery in stock. To see the full collection, a visit to the showroom is a must.

Venusrox is destined to reinvent the meaning of crystals and energy, turning heads as they fast become the new way to enjoy beautiful stones from around the world.

For thousands of years, people all over the world have been using gemstones and minerals for their metaphysical properties and they have used their stones in a variety of ways. However you choose to work with your crystals, whether you believe in the energy they hold, or if you wish to enjoy them for their outstanding beauty alone, Venusrox brings to you exceptional quality crystals.