Beautiful stocking filler ideas for Christmas 2013 with small Venusrox crystals

Including Labradorite, Charoite, A Rhodochrosite Sphere, a Fire Agate, natural Sardonyx, purple Lepidolite, Cinnabar from China, rough blue Hemimorphite, a large Agate tumble-stone, a small Blue Chalcedony sphere, a deep blue Cavansite from India, a small heart shaped Stichite, a Small Dumortierite, a Fuschite in Quartz point and finally a beautiful smooth Pink Opal from Peru.

Each stone holds a significance including soothing energy, helping one to ground, clearing blockages, manifestation, eliminating negative self-talk, magic, protection, joyful energy and many more…

Perfect for a stocking or Christmas gift

December 15, 2013 — Matt Forster
Tags: crystals