Our 2013 Christmas Window Decoration are up and this year we have the most exquisite and exciting collection of global crystals yet.

Why choose a Venusrox Crystal or a piece of bespoke jewellery? Because Venusrox only feature the highest-quality and clearest energy pieces plus allow their customers to experience the delights of purchasing a piece of nature’s most glorious work. The passion and dedication that goes into the brand and hand-selecting each individual crystal, is what has led to their leading reputation as London’s premier crystal showroom.

Included in the collection are stones of all sizes including small Golden Quartz spheres, clusters of Indian Amethyst and beautiful rare Fairy Stones. Larger pieces vary from Pyrite Concretions, Clusters of Mica, Natural Citrine Points and magnificent spheres of Optical Calcite or Rose Quartz. The Bespoke Jewellery Collection includes Green Tourmaline, rough Emerald, Gold Nuggets, Natural Amber, Ruby, Blue Kyanite and many more.

The showroom is a must see and this year will make the perfect gift!

Connect, enjoy and explore this fabulous display of the world’s finest crystals & jewellery.

Venusrox Crystals, 25 All Saints Road, London W11 1HE


November 26, 2013 — Matt Forster
Tags: Showroom