We may be used to seeing Pink Sapphire as a sparkling rock on a ring, but these gorgeous small tumble-stones hold just as much natural beauty amongst their raw state.

Chakras – 4th (Heart)
"Pink Sapphire enables one to connect with one’s inner guidance, encouraging one to listen to the heart, where all one’s knowledge is found.  It encourages forgiveness and the release of the past, overcoming feelings of resentment or pain over past relationships.  It brings joy and acceptance into the here and now."

They are a wonderful example of how each individual connects differently to a stone no matter what their appearance, size or shape. We adore these sapphires and think they have a fantastic energy to offer whomever connects with them.

*Each small stone is £25.00 and available from the showroom or contact us at priority@venusrox.com for more information. www.venusrox.com

February 05, 2014 — Matt Forster
Tags: crystals