We adore Meteorites for their energy and mysterious journey from unknown places. This is our extremely special slice of Pallasite found in Seymchan, Russia. A rare find and a beautiful example of this fascinating meteorite.

"Pallasites are a combination of Nickel Iron Meteorite Material and Peridot (Olivine) and as such, they offer a very powerful combination of energies. The metallic material is an excellent grounding stone and it can powerfully assist one in stabilising ones energies. The Peridot is a strong manifestation and abundance stone on all levels. As a combination of these, Pallasites can help one bring a project into being and ground one into taking action to bring the idea into reality. They are excellent at helping one overcome thoughts of scarcity; stimulating abundance and grounding one to the fact that abundance is all around us." - Venusrox

Other Meteorites available in the showroom include Chondrite which fell in Russia, February 2013, an Egyptian Gebel Kamil, North West African Chondrites and a beautiful sphere of Gibeon Meteorite from Namibia. All Venusrox meteorites are bought first hand from trusted sources. Contact us at priority@venusrox.com for more information.

February 17, 2014 — Matt Forster
Tags: Meteorites