Rare Natural Blue Amber from Sumatra, Indonesia.

We strive to feature the rare, beautiful and magnificent at Venusrox. One example of this is our Blue Amber collection of polished stones. It’s said to be the most powerful of all the Ambers due to its impressive colour range and how it can powerfully heal and assist the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies. It’s a very effective defense stone, protecting one from the negativity and rubbish that others may try and throw at one whilst going about one’s day-to-day life.

The picture doesn’t capture the blue as well as holding them up to natural light when the blue appears beautifully. This amber is NOT treated or heated, it’s natural, ancient fossalised tree resin. Something incredibly special and wonderful for collectors, healers or simply anyone who love the energy benefits of this unique and rare form of Amber. 

*More Blue Amber from Sumatra are available at the showroom along with other pieces of Natural Amber. From £46.00


March 19, 2014 — Shopify API
Tags: crystals