Venusrox Ajoite Crystal South Africa

We delight in handpicking the finest and most exquisite stones, crystals and gems from our extensive travels. 

In dedicating our time to handpicking the Venusrox collection plus hand making the jewellery line, we proudly present London and the online community the very finest examples of the mineral kingdom. 

This includes a very rare Ajoite in Quartz crystal from the Messina Mine, South Africa. Mineral finds are largely exhausted, making these specimens incredibly special. They also boast vibrations of joy, optimism and are known to help release negative energy, tension and sorrow from one’s heart. This pictured piece is presently our one and only Ajoite at the Venusrox showroom.

From £585.00, available only at Venusrox  

June 02, 2014 — Matt Forster
Tags: crystals