Amethyst Brandberg Quartz Pendant


An exceptional natural Brandberg Amethyst Quartz Point with Enhydro inclusions Pendant.

This pendant has water filled inclusions internally with visible air bubbles within them.

Dimensions of natural Brandberg Amethyst Quartz Point from the Brandberg Mountains, Namibia:

6.8cm x 2.3cm x 1.8cm (2.7 inches x 0.9 inches x 0.7 inches)

7.8cm (3.1 inches) total height of pendant

12ct Gold Wrap Fill Wire

39g in weight

(Gold Chain not included. Gold Chains may be purchased here)

The pendant photographed is the pendant you will receive.

Chakras – All
Brandberg Quartz is a very powerful form of Quartz, offering a very sharp and vibrant energy. It is a very high vibrational stone and has the ability to powerfully lift one’s vibration, allowing one greater access to one’s intuitive instincts. Brandberg Quartz helps one balance whilst proving clarity and energy to one’s being and to one’s surroundings.

Chakras – 6th (Third Eye), 7th (Crown), 8th (Etheric)
Amethyst gives a protective shield that wards off negativity in one’s environment. It brings a feeling that one is surrounded and protected by a bubble of light. It is a powerful stone for spiritual expansion. Amethyst assists overcoming addictions and bad habits and lends clarity of mind.