Starburst Fluorite on Sphalerite Natural Cluster


SKU: 003159

A Starburst Fluorite on Sphalerite Specimen from Elmwood Mine, Smith County, Tennessee, USA.

Dimensions: 14.1cm x 11.6cm x 8.2cm (5.5 inches x 4.6 inches x 3.2 inches)

Weight: 2.173kg

The crystal photographed is the crystal you will receive.

Chakras – All
Fluorite gives mental clarity and clears the energy fields. It improves decision making and helps one choose a direction and take action.

Chakras – 1st (Root), 2nd (Sexual/Creative), 3rd (Solar Plexus)
Sphalerite is a wonderful grounding stone. It enhances one’s physical energy by helping one draw energy and vitality up from the earth, while releasing excessive energy. It increases one’s strength and courage and it encourages us to take care of our physical body. It is an excellent stone for regulating the flow of energy in one’s body. Making for greater success in manifestation, clearer thinking and more willpower.