Great quality, real Green Jade is hard to come by these days. Often it’s dyed and fake yet we have come across some beautiful examples of this deep green stone.

"Green Jade is a stone of true abundance, promoting the flow of money, fertility and abundance into one’s life. It teaches one to be the master of one’s money instead of money being one’s master. It encourages feelings of well being, balance and joy." - VR

Thus a magnificent stone to have the house to spark off conversations and inspire a daily attitude of joy and abundance. The two rough Canadian pieces we have in the showroom are destined to transform a chosen space and enhance the atmosphere. These natural treasures are an opportunity to bring the natural world indoors.

We also have rare White Jade bracelets from Russia as well as some smaller Green Jade tumble stones and beaded bracelets.

January 07, 2014 — Matt Forster
Tags: crystals