Coloured silk with gold bead necklaces, handmade by Venusrox with gorgeous pendants.

From left, Rainbow Moonstone “A positive protection stone, encouraging inner peace and harmony whilst bring once a sense of joy.”

Pink Tanzanite “A stone of synergising the energies if ones heart and mind. It can help generate joy and happiness in oneself and wearing it can help spread those feelings to others”

Large Dravite (Brown Tourmaline) “A strong grounding stone, encouraging stability and strength.”

Beautiful Gold Nugget “Gold carries the energy of the sun, helping one to move through hard times. It encourages strength , determination and will.”

Lastly a rough Columbian Emerald “Abundance, wealth, love, compassion and healing. Emerald develops trust that the Universe will provide for all ones needs.”

Hand plaited necklaces with gold beads from £65.00

January 08, 2014 — Matt Forster