Fiona Leahy is simply a creative genius when it comes to throwing fabulous parties and luxury events. A designer at heart, Fiona is always imaginative and never ceases to inspire us. So for her recent cosmic-themed dinner party, she asked Venusrox to get involved.

You will spy our Himalayan Quartz cluster next to displays of peonies and some crystals were placed inside glass terrariums whilst others stood independently or next to people's name cards. She really blew us away with her imagination and the crystals added something spectacular and magical to this table-scape.

We think Fiona proved just how much our crystals hold a presence and will transform the energy and space around them, especially for such a feast!

These pictures are from Fiona's Instagram @FionaJoye which we highly recommend following for more international glamour, sparkle and inspiration.



July 06, 2015 — Matt Forster