Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas to you all! We wish you all a beautiful festive period, full of joy and connection

We will be back open on the 27th so until then! VR x

December 25, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Not long until it’s Christmas Day

Not long until it’s Christmas Day so here are some gorgeous Quartz Crystal Points to set you in the mood for a magical few days We will be open tomorrow so you’re welcome to the showroom for any last minute ideas for gifts. Say it with a crystal this year - they have plenty to say! Love Venusrox

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December 23, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Chrysocolla with Quartz and Feldspar

Chrysocolla with Quartz & Feldspar 

From the Acari Mine, Peru this is a snapshot of our stunning crystal now in the showroom.

“Chrysocolla helps one listen to ones inner voice and express it with passion and truth. It helps one speak with knowledge and share one’s experiences with others to assist them on their own path of discovery. It also helps one stay aware of how one puts one’s energy into the world around us. It has a calming energy that helps us choose our words carefully and only use them when necessary and beneficial. Chrysocolla is a stone of gentleness and power.“

Please email for full details. Have a great weekend! VR x

Amphibole in Quartz Points

Amphibole in Quartz Points

Amphibole Quartz is also known as Angel Phantom Quartz which come from a remote area of Brazil and are quite rare. These beautiful stones can help you to connect & interact with your guardian angels.

We love looking into these pieces and admiring the natural work of art taking place throughout all of the stones. They almost appear like they are moving or are made of liquid!

Read more about our online collection here:

Have a wonderful afternoon, love VR x

November 16, 2017 — Natalie Hayward

Good morning!

Wishing everyone a great Tuesday from our fabulous Natural Tangerine Quartz Crystal on our Madagascan Rose Quartz.

When feeling drawn to this stone it could be you are seeking to awaken to your creative self, to new ideas and inspiration. Tangerine Quartz can offer you the zest and energy to then act on your new found creativity! We also love Tangerine Quartz for offering the energy to overcome the feeling of being inferior or not good enough so instead you can believe in yourself and live life with joy!

We have some online or email for more details, love VR x

October 24, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Spirit Quartz Crystals

Amethyst Spirit Quartz helps dispel negative energy. It encourages connection and communication with one’s guide and gives strong sense of oneness with all this is.

Email for more info on our Spirit Quartz crystals or do browse the website where some of our Spirit Quartz pieces have been photographed!

October 18, 2017 — Giuliana Santos

Inside Beauty

Gorgeous new Tourmalinated Quartz pieces have recently been photographed for our online shop. They are simply stunning and hold a vibration that is very powerful for clearing out negativity and “rubbish” from your energy field.

The Black Tourmaline is purifying whilst the Quartz serves to amplify this. It aids clarity and can help you to feel grounded and enlightened.

To find out more, visit

Have a great week! VR x


New: Lodalite Quartz

New: Lodalite Quartz - Natural Point

This point has a unique reverse point growth (indented point) in the face of the crystal. We love discovering the unusual and this piece speaks volumes.

Lodalite Quartz works with the 7th (Crown) Chakra. It is known to hold a gentle, loving energy that helps you to feel strong. It can help to encourage you in releasing past life traumas and it can enhance your ability to communicate with your spirit guides.

Whether you are drawn to this for its metaphysical properties or because of the unique ‘reverse’ point - find out more via our website

August 15, 2017 — Natalie Hayward

Choices, Choices

Choices, Choices

At our London showroom you will find yourself immersed in a world of sheer beauty, natural-phenomena and inspiration.

Visit us on 25 All Saints Road, London W11 to see the full collection and we are always happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Find out more via

Amazing Crystals

Amazing Crystals

At Venusrox you will discover the most beautiful crystals and when you allow yourself to be guided by your intuition - the stone will choose you!

This is a Chrysocolla with Quartz and Feldspar Crystal from the Acari Mine, Peru. It holds so much depth and beauty, you can stare at it for hours!

For more information please email

Have a great week, VR x

July 17, 2017 — Alexia Moura

Standing Beauty

Standing Beauty

This incredible Double Terminated Clear Quartz Cluster is from Brazil and we had a bespoke stand made for this glorious piece to ensure it stands with maximum presence!

From every angle there is something unique to this crystal, boasting stunning details and energy. Email for more images and info.

June 15, 2017 — Lucy Kenney

Beads of Love

Love Beads

Gorgeous Pink Opal, Rhodonite & Strawberry Quartz Beaded Bracelets, all handmade by Venusrox and you can find them now at the showroom this Bank Holiday Weekend! We will be open on Monday as usual so why not treat yourself by visiting our shop in Notting Hill and exploring our world of gems, rocks, minerals and crystals ️


Pink Opal

Chakras - 4th (Heart)

A stone of gentle energy, giving one a strong sense of calm and peace. An excellent stone for children who have difficulty sleeping or tend to have nightmares. It gives help to those who suffer fear, worry or are over anxious, releasing stress and helping one to become calm, centred and grounded.


Chakras – 1st (Root), 4th (Heart)

Rhodonite helps one understand one’s purpose in life and discover one’s hidden talents. A stone of self worth and self-love. It is an excellent stone for supporting weight loss and detoxification of the physical body.

Strawberry Quartz

Chakras - 4th (Heart)

A rare form of Quartz - Strawberry Quartz is a stone of inner love, giving one the knowledge that one is truly loved and not alone on one's journey on this planet.

Email for full details on these bracelets.