When you visit Venusrox an entirely new way of shopping for crystals, rocks and gems takes place.

Our showroom philosophy is one of serenity and simplicity whereby the crystals are granted their own space. No crystals are bunched together in bowls or boxes but are displayed individually amongst our cabinets and tables with the fitting description.

By doing this our customers are gifted a unique access into the world of minerals and our jewellery line because nothing stands in the way of the customer and the stone.

We believe our stones should be at the forefront of the shopping experience and so do our customers! With this approach to showcasing our stones, they all can flaunt their magnificent natural energy, beauty and power.

It’s also led to our fast growing reputation around the world so visit the virtual showroom to see the full collection or visit us on 25 All Saints Road, London W11.

Find out what could be waiting for you…

April 29, 2015 — Matt Forster