Orange Calcite Spheres

Some colour for your week ahead!

We love Orange Calcite and the spheres are oozing with a colour that is bound to lift your spirit. Elegant, timeless and tactile - as an ancient symbol, the sphere represents completeness, unity and infinity.

See our online sphere collection here:

Have a great week! VR x

October 10, 2017

Pyrite Geode Spheres

Newly arrived, hand-picked Pyrite Geode Spheres! These are such gorgeous spheres, full of life and beauty.

“An excellent stone for manifestation, assisting one to take action to create abundance in one’s life. It strengthens commitment, persistence and ambition, helping drive things through to completion. It develops the inner warrior and supports one in taking assertive action. An ideal stone for students as it increases mental clarity and focus.“

So do come and visit our shop in West London to see our full collection and to enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience among the world’s most incredible stones…

August 03, 2017

Shungite Spheres

Shungite is the stone to have for our modern-day lifestyles because it is a very powerful protection stone against all forms of negative energy including harmful electromagnetic radiation that is emitted off computers, microwave ovens, television and mobile phones.

These Shungite Spheres are Grade 2 and are helpful in stopping any negativity dead in its path by neutralising it immediately so would be ideal placed next to your computer, WiFi box or anywhere you feel is necessary.

Email for more information quoting “Shungite Spheres Tumblr”. Have a great weekend!Save
June 23, 2017

New Virtual Showroom

Enjoy exploring our beautiful crystal collection from anywhere in the world now via our virtual showroom

Using the latest technology, we can now give customers the chance to experience the shop from anywhere via their computer, phone or tablet. The reason why the virtual showroom is so important to us is that it gifts our customers the chance to see the crystals at home in the London showroom. You can browse, zoom and ask us any questions through the virtual shop.

So take a virtual tour now and enjoy the world’s most fantastic crystal collection, VR x

May 06, 2017

Infinite Beauty

There is a serene beauty about the perfect symmetry of a sphere. Elegant, timeless and tactile.  

As an ancient symbol, the sphere represents completeness, unity and infinity. They touch the heart and imagination, transforming the room with their presence like this Sardonyx large crystal sphere.

Sardonyx is a powerful stone of strength and protection. It can be there to inspire you in discovering your true purpose in life as well as helping you to follow this path with integrity and courage.

Email for all details x

March 09, 2017

Interior ‘Rox















As you know, we love sourcing our own stones and go to great lengths to hand-pick the crystals for our London gallery, which can range from a tiny Amethyst tumble-stone to a huge cluster of Desert Rose.

We have noticed over the years just how much people are beginning to truly appreciate how a stone can transform a given space. Interior designers are beginning to understand how larger crystals make for stunning natural works of art or sculpture. Their energy also contributes to the space and our clients have fun in picking out the right stone for them and their home/office etc.

We now also have bespoke stands made for the larger crystals to ensure their magnificence is exaggerated when put into place.

If you want to get inspired and see our exquisite collection, do visit our gallery or email You can also read more about our philosophy and concepts now via the new website

VR x

February 01, 2017

Rare Beauty

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April 14, 2016

Sunday Love

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November 15, 2015

The Very Best

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August 12, 2015