Natural Blue Topaz

Now this is a very special natural Blue Topaz Crystal.

If you are feeling drawn to this crystal it could be you are looking to make a decision and this stone can help you to be clear on what you do and don’t want in your life experience.

Message us for more details on and enjoy the rest of your day!

August 30, 2017 — Natalie Hayward

Choices, Choices

Choices, Choices

At our London showroom you will find yourself immersed in a world of sheer beauty, natural-phenomena and inspiration.

Visit us on 25 All Saints Road, London W11 to see the full collection and we are always happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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Decorating with crystals is both fun and empowering…

This gorgeous Agate Polished Slice from Brazil has been mounted on a bespoke stand so you can enjoy it as if it were a freestanding sculpture.

Natural art is always inspiring and one we hugely enjoy helping our customers to explore.

Visit the website now to see our larger pieces or come to Venusrox London!

July 14, 2017 — Alexia Moura

New Virtual Showroom

Enjoy exploring our beautiful crystal collection from anywhere in the world now via our virtual showroom

Using the latest technology, we can now give customers the chance to experience the shop from anywhere via their computer, phone or tablet. The reason why the virtual showroom is so important to us is that it gifts our customers the chance to see the crystals at home in the London showroom. You can browse, zoom and ask us any questions through the virtual shop.

So take a virtual tour now and enjoy the world’s most fantastic crystal collection, VR x


Pure Wonder

Crystal Clear Perspective

Crystal Clear Perspective

From every angle and corner of Venusrox there awaits a stunning crystal or gem that can take your breath away! 

We love allowing our customers the space to explore the mineral world here in the shop and to discover which stone is calling to them. Via the virtual showroom you can enjoy the same energy and joy of discovering Venusrox. We pride ourselves on gifting customers a unique experience in selecting a crystal or jewellery piece, so hop online or come and visit us for the full Venusrox experience…

Have a wonderful weekend! VR x

Glowing Labradorite

Everything amazes us here at Venusrox when it comes to the depth and variety of each and every stone. This gorgeous ‘A Grade’ Madagascan Labradorite free-form boasts the most glorious flashes, captivating one’s imagination and reminding us of how incredible Mother Nature is.

“Labradorite is a stone of magic. It brings awareness of one’s inborn magical powers (magic meaning intuitive abilities). It offers one the chance to embark upon voyages of discoveries.“

Email and quote “Labradorite/Tumblr” for more details x

March 24, 2017 — Matt Forster

Infinite Beauty

There is a serene beauty about the perfect symmetry of a sphere. Elegant, timeless and tactile.  

As an ancient symbol, the sphere represents completeness, unity and infinity. They touch the heart and imagination, transforming the room with their presence like this Sardonyx large crystal sphere.

Sardonyx is a powerful stone of strength and protection. It can be there to inspire you in discovering your true purpose in life as well as helping you to follow this path with integrity and courage.

Email for all details x

March 09, 2017 — Natalie Hayward

Inspiring Labradorite Freeform

Inspiring Labradorite Freeform Crystal

How beautiful is this Labradorite Crystal? It owns the space around it, holding your attention and imagination.

“Labradorite is a stone of strength. It creates a ‘force field’ throughout one’s Aura, protecting and strengthening one’s energies to prevent others from tapping in and draining one’s personal energy. It is also a stone of magic, bringing awareness of one’s inborn magical powers (magic meaning intuitive abilities).“

Email for more details on our Labradorite collection. Have a great weekend! VR x

March 03, 2017 — Lucy Kenney

Venusrox Desert Rose

Venusrox Desert Rose

Desert Rose Crystals never fail to create a stunning ambience with their array of beautiful rose-like clusters that make up divine shapes and sized crystals.

However you choose to enjoy your crystals, whether you believe in the energy they hold, or if you wish to enjoy them for their outstanding beauty alone, we are passionate about choosing our stones to ensure each and every one is amazing - just like these fabulous Desert Rose pieces.

Email for more details on our Desert Rose collection or visit the website to find more of our collection. VR x

Interior ‘Rox















As you know, we love sourcing our own stones and go to great lengths to hand-pick the crystals for our London gallery, which can range from a tiny Amethyst tumble-stone to a huge cluster of Desert Rose.

We have noticed over the years just how much people are beginning to truly appreciate how a stone can transform a given space. Interior designers are beginning to understand how larger crystals make for stunning natural works of art or sculpture. Their energy also contributes to the space and our clients have fun in picking out the right stone for them and their home/office etc.

We now also have bespoke stands made for the larger crystals to ensure their magnificence is exaggerated when put into place.

If you want to get inspired and see our exquisite collection, do visit our gallery or email You can also read more about our philosophy and concepts now via the new website

VR x

February 01, 2017 — Natalie Hayward

Agate Slice

Agate boasts incredible patterns making these slices true works of natural art that can transform any space into a place of wonder.

Energetically it is a strong grounding stone, encouraging stability and strength in and throughout your life. Agate can help you to awaken and discover your inherent natural talents.

We are also happy to share that many of our larger specimens now come with bespoke stands to ensure they are displayed beautifully and show off their remarkable energy!

Email for more info on our Agate Slices or for any other inquiries.